About Us

Circle of Life Women’s Center in Ogden, Utah was founded December 3, 1999, with a singular purpose in mind: caring for the health and well being of women. Circle of Life and its team of devoted professionals provides unparalleled full-service women’s healthcare including routine obstetrics, high-risk obstetrics, gynecological services, infertility counseling and treatment, and state-of-the-art surgery. Since the doctors of the center believe a picture is worth a thousand words; every prenatal visit includes an ultrasound. At Circle of Life, extraordinary care is not uncommon. It is the motivation for every decision, every patient consultation, and everyday practice. Extraordinary care is what they do.

Circle of Life Women’s Center’s mission statement exemplifies not only an attitude, but a firm commitment: “To provide the best outcome in the most compassionate, friendly, and comfortable surroundings as possible.” It is their philosophy: “Patients come first.”

The Center traces its roots back to the late 1989 when Dr. Jed Naisbitt, M.D., who had been successfully practicing Obstetrics and Gynecology at what was then known as the Ogden Women’s Clinic, determined to venture out and establish a practice of his own. He had a passion and a desire to eventually develop his new private practice into a comprehensive women’s center. Dr. Naisbitt was already known and respected in the community and thus his practice steadily grew over the next few years. To expand services, Dr. Naisbitt recruited the first midwife in 1996. Over time, additional midwives were integrated into this thriving practice. In order to meet the growing demand for service. Dr. David Bierer, M.D., who had been practicing at the Ogden Clinic, joined forces with Dr. Naisbitt in 1999. The partnership was very natural as these two doctors worked well together and embraced similar patient care philosophies. Together, they grew the practice and founded the Circle of Life Women’s Center in 2000. The conception of the center’s name was born out of their shared desire to provide care for women at every stage of life; supporting women’s health from childbirth to old age.

A slogan the center uses is “Tenderness with Technology”; created to signify that Circle of Life’s team cares about its patients, cares about each patients’ outcome, and is committed to utilizing the most up-to-date technology. This unconditional dedication has helped the center to flourish. They soon outgrew their current space and knew it was time for a change. Investing in a different location would allow the center to operate more efficiently and better server its patients. The decision was not without obstacles. The center was one of the first businesses to build in the area. As such, the center incurred the added expenses and effort to establish major infrastructure required to begin business. Thus, the center essentially paved the way for other businesses to be able to co-locate without extensive infrastructure costs.

On September 1, 2000, the staff and providers began the monumental task of moving into the larger, more modern facility. On September 5, the new Circle of Life Women’s Center opened its doors for business. Circle of Life hit the ground running and has continued to grow.

Over the years, Circle of Life has served thousands of women, helped childless mothers achieve the dream of holding their own little one in their arms, and has lent a hand in delivering a considerable number of babies. Every day miracles happen. Circle of Life Women’s Center is proud to be involved in those special moments.

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