Are You Drinking Enough Water For You and Your Baby?

Are you expecting a new bundle of joy? Do you hydrate enough? We all hear drinking adequate water each day provides essential benefits for our body but it is also invaluable to your unborn baby’s body as well. By drinking 80 – 90 ounces of water within 2 hours before receiving a prenatal ultrasound, the amniotic fluid surrounding your baby increases. This provides for a better opportunity to visualize your baby’s anatomy – up to 35% better! And for the cherry on top – you do not need to have a full bladder for a prenatal ultrasound so pee away! 😊

*We especially recommend this for your Targeted Ultrasound appointment here in our office. This tip won’t work if you are also doing your Glucose test on the same day as it will interfere with your Glucose results.

24 thoughts on “Are You Drinking Enough Water For You and Your Baby?”

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