Machel Knowles C.N.M

After earning her Bachelors degree in nursing, Machel worked as a Clinical Specialist in Labor and Delivery at McKay Dee Hospital. She later became manager of the IHC North Medical Clinic and Emergency Department at McKay Dee Hospital. After earning her Masters degree and becoming certified in Nurse-Midwifery, Machel worked as an adjunct faculty member at Weber State University.

Midwife means “with women.” Circle of Life Women’s Center provides sensitive and technologically advanced care to women in every season of their lives. Machel has provided health care in the Ogden area since 1973. She believes in a holistic approach to women’s health with special concentration on nutrition and health maintenance.

“I enjoy playing the piano, traveling, and camping. I also love to cook for my family and spend time with my grandchildren.”

“I have been with Circle of Life Women’s Center since 1995. I have enjoyed learning from and working with Dr. Jed Naisbitt, the other providers, and the staff as they have joined us through the years.”

“I have always sought to provide careful and compassionate care and consider my patients to be friends. It has been fun to see daughters of patients that I delivered many years ago and care for my ‘young moms’ that have now reached menopause. We have grown older together. It truly is a ‘Circle of Life.'”

Machel is married with six children and twenty-one grandchildren. She enjoys music, traveling, and being surrounded by kids.

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