Shannon Brennan F.N.P.

Shannon began her nursing career at McKay-Dee Hospital where she worked as an RN with children, teenagers and adults in behavioral health. She is trained in family practice, with a special interest in empowering women of all ages to meet their own health care goals. Shannon believes in the importance of treating the entire person, focusing on both the emotional and physical aspects of patients. She develops a collaborative relationship with patients, listening to personal concerns and working as a part of the team to meet individual health care needs.

Shannon is available for annual care, anxiety, depression, mood changes, birth control, infertility, abnormal bleeding, perimenopause, menopause and she has a special interest in working with teenagers, helping them develop positive relationships with health care providers.

“We spend large portions of our life at work. I feel fortunate to be able to do what I love, working with women, meeting new people every day, and being someone that women can trust to come to with their questions and concerns.” When she isn’t working, Shannon enjoys spending time with her two sons, mountain biking, hiking, traveling, and golfing.

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