Sierra Mayzsak F.N.P

  • Bachelors from Maryville University 
  • Masters from Maryville University
  • Certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practioners
  • Primary Language: English

Sierra started her career in the medical field as a Nurse in the Emergency Department, where she spent 5+ years helping a wide variety of patients from all walks of life. During her time in the ER, she gained a thorough understanding of the importance of prophylactic care and it’s innate ability to help prevent chronic problems. With this understanding, came a strong interest in preventive care and the education of patients on the importance of personal health. Sierra is passionate about her patients’ overall health & will be splitting her time between Circle of Life Women’s Center and Mindful Medical.

“Both Circle of Life and Mindful Medical are great fits for me because I truly believe that by focusing on preventive care, hormone therapy, and weight management, I can give patients a sense of well-being and also increase both their mental and physical health.”

In Sierra’s personal life, she has a love for traveling, outdoor adventures, rock climbing, exercising, and hanging out by the water with her husband, close family, and friends.

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