Birth Control

Most women can become pregnant from the time they are in their early teens until they are in their late 40s. About one half of all pregnancies are unplanned. Birth control helps a woman plan her pregnancies.


As you can see above, there are multiple options for birth control. However, some are more expensive than others and we require you to check with your insurance company before your appointment to check your benefits on contraceptive management.

If you are considering the Nexplanon or an IUD, here are the billing codes (called CPT codes) that you will need to give to your insurance company to determine your benefit coverage:


  • 11976
  • 1198
  • J7307


  • Liletta = J7297 & 58300
  • Mirena = J7298 & 58300
  • Kyleena = J7296 & 58300
  • Paragard = J7300 & 58300