Your First Pregnancy Visit

Your first pregnancy visit can be a little scary, especially if you are a first time mother. This article is intended to help you better understand what will occur at your first visit and help you feel more at ease. (Pregnancy visits are sometimes called “Prenatal visits” or “OB visits”; You may hear your initial visit called a “New OB visit”.)

When should I schedule?

Our providers (doctors or midwives) like to see their pregnant patients for their first visit between 6 and 8 weeks gestational age.  Gestational age is measured from the first day of your last period and will be used throughout your pregnancy to help determine “how far along” you are. (Due dates may be adjusted throughout the pregnancy, based on ultrasound findings.)  Your first visit may take longer than a normal prenatal visit and you would most likely have blood drawn.

Check-in and Registration

When you arrive for your appointment, check in at the front desk. Our front desk receptionists will ask for a cell number so we can notify you when it is your turn. As soon as one of our registration staff is available, they will text you to take you back to our registration area to review your health history and any other paperwork you have. Paperwork is usually mailed to you, but can also be download from the “Patient Resources” section of our website. Bringing your completed paper work with you will speed up the registration process.

Medical Assistant Workup

When ready, the provider’s medical assistant (MA) will check your weight and blood pressure and have you give a urine sample. Urine samples are used to test sugar and protein levels and test for infections. After completing the above items, you will be taken into an exam room for your exam.

The Exam

Ultrasounds are performed at every visit; vaginally in the beginning, then on your abdomen when the baby is big enough.  Images and small video clips can be sent to your phone or email if you wish.

If you are due for a pap smear, it can be done during your exam.

Blood Work

The last part of your visit will be to have your blood drawn. This blood work is commonly called a “Prenatal Panel” or “Prenatal Blood Work” and it is very important. Your blood will be drawn by a Labcorp phlebotomist here in our building, but the blood sample is sent to an outside lab to be tested for a number of things important to a healthy pregnancy. These include blood type, blood count, thyroid, and communicable diseases.

Your Next Appointment

Stop by the front desk on your way out or call us when you get home to schedule your next appointment. During the first part of your pregnancy, your provider will want to see you every 4 weeks. When you are further along, your visits will be more frequent.

If you have any worries or concerns about your pregnancy, please call us so we can answer your questions. We want this first visit to be exciting for you!

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